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March 9th- Southeast Alabama Works!/Dothan Chamber, Search: SEALworks

Spring 2022- Startups, Search: STARTUP

Spring 2022 – Military Vets, Search: VETERAN

TBD- Diversity, Search: DEI

TBD- Freelance/Fractional, Search: GIGWORK

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Free webinar: Thursday Feb 3rd @ 11am ET

For seekers and employers, we’ll discuss Modern recruiting: How to attract and identify (the best) talent. Traditional recruiting tactics don’t work. Job seekers have a lot of power these days, and employers need to be aware of processes and values that attract and engage the BEST candidates… not just a big stack of resumes. Issues like fractional employment, work from home versus fully remote, compensation, remote working tools/management, how to identify “startup material”, and more will be discussed in an open forum hosted by Brent Skipper of JOBEO.