Search video job listings on-demand 24/7

Meet the manager BEFORE you apply! No Zooms. No online chats.

What you get:

Always FREE for seekers

Unlimited views and applications

Jobs available 24/7

Never spammed by fake jobs

Instantly notified of jobs matching your skills

You can:

Share your JOBEO profile anywhere

Put it in your email signature or socials

Tell your story conveniently for employers

Set your skill tags for instant job matches

Attend our FREE professional development events

“Live” virtual job fairs don’t work

“Real-time” communication seems great, but it’s clunky and confusing. No time slots, painful online chats, or waiting rooms filled with competition.

JOBEO is like a virtual job fair. Job listings stream from the cloud 24/7. Meet the manager BEFORE you apply! Don’t waste time with jobs that aren’t a good fit.

No More Exhaustion

Finding a job shouldn’t be a full time job.

With JOBEO, you get to meet the manager before you apply. The video listings are available to watch using any device, and at any time.

time Slots prevent Attendance

Just because an event is “virtual” doesn’t mean everyone can make it at a specific time. It should be open all the time!

JOBEO is always streaming jobs. Search, meet, and submit your video application 24/7.

People Meeting People… Virtually

JOBEO virtual job fairs let people meet conveniently and safely. Features like DMs, bookmarks, and skill tags make it fun and powerful.

Our mission is to make it easy for every worker to find their perfect job fit. Join our platform and let us know how we can make things better! support@jobeo.net