Hire virtually 24/7. Create a job and get video applications.

Put your job ‘on-demand’. No booths, Zooms, or online chats. Try FREE. No CC req’d.

Plugin to any hiring process:

1) Create your listing

2) Share the link on socials, your careers page, and job board ads

3) Get video applications

You get:

One FREE job listing all the time

Unlimited views and video applications

Job listings stream 24/7

Video careers webpage on JOBEO

Automatic keyword matching

Your New Recruiting Department

Give your team a break! JOBEO lets hiring managers meet EVERY great applicant conveniently and safely. It’s like a virtual job fair! Features like DMs, bookmarks, and skill tags make it fun and efficient.

Hiring managers can take control of recruiting efforts with a *mobile device. No more stacks of paper or bad interviews.

*desktop version available, too!

“Live” virtual job fairs don’t work

“Real-time” communication seems great, but it’s clunky and confusing. JOBEO doesn’t have booths to babysit, painful online chats, or waiting rooms filled with competition.

We conveniently stream video from the cloud 24/7. Employers meet candidates, and seekers learn about the jobs. Apply anytime!

No More Exhaustion

Job fairs (online or in-person) take a LOT of time and energy. Keep your team focused and in the office… not on recruiting trips.

With JOBEO, hiring managers record their pitch, and then upload it to JOBEO. It’s available to watch using any device, and at any time.

Want video applications from your current process? You can also plug JOBEO in to job boards, ATS, or careers pages!

time Slots prevent Attendance

Just because an event is “virtual” doesn’t mean everyone can make it at a specific time. It should be open all the time!

JOBEO is always streaming jobs. The BEST job seekers can submit video applications 24/7.

Ready to try it?

STEP 1: Register FREE on the JOBEO app or click “Sign up” at the top.

STEP 2: Create your FREE job listing. No CC req’d.

STEP 3: Share your JOBEO links on socials, careers page, and job boards.

STEP 4: Instant notifications for video applications!

Free webinar: Thursday Feb 3rd @ 11am ET

For seekers and employers, we’ll discuss Modern recruiting: How to attract and identify (the best) talent. Traditional recruiting tactics don’t work. Job seekers have a lot of power these days, and employers need to be aware of processes and values that attract and engage the BEST candidates… not just a big stack of resumes. Issues like fractional employment, work from home versus fully remote, compensation, remote working tools/management, how to identify “startup material”, and more will be discussed in an open forum hosted by Brent Skipper of JOBEO.