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Create a video job listing. Advertise like normal, or search our video database. Get video applications.

Video job listings

No more boring job descriptions. 74% of seekers don’t read them. Not because they’re lazy, but because they don’t believe them!

Cast a wide net

JOBEO is the gateway to your funnel. Our links work with any ATS or recruiting process. Integrate your social feeds for the ultimate in job awareness.

Automated screening

Candidate quality increases as they watch your videos and apply. No more piles of unqualified seekers that apply to every job blindly.

Video applications

Every application is personalized and includes answers to qualifying questions (if desired). They’re conveniently reviewed on a mobile device with a single tap!

Use Cases

Success stories


Employer Advantages

Higher acceptance and retention

The faster you hire, the better… but only if done properly. JOBEO will move your metrics in the right direction.

Stop the emails!

With a single tap, applicants are notified of their status (good or bad), shortlisted, sent HR forms, and even integrated with your ATS if needed.

Save time and money

Time is money, and you spend a LOT during the recruiting process. JOBEO cuts this over 50% by attracting and identifying better people faster.

More successful hires

No more guessing games. Get genuine insight to hard AND soft skills from motivated seekers. Spend time strictly with the most qualified candidates.

Full service recruiting… for free!

Entry level and high turnover jobs can be recruited by an agency! Outsourcing is now affordable and easy. Traditional firms charge over 20% per hire… JOBEO offers the same full service headhunting for 9%!

We do all the heavy lifting and send employers personalized video applications for a fast and affordable new hire! If you don’t hire, then you don’t pay! No contracts. No retainers.

Pricing… one job always FREE!

Always free for job seekers.

Up to 5 active listings at a time
Only billed for ACTIVE listings!
You can create as many DRAFTS as you want
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Same as BASIC, only more listings!
Puts hiring managers in control
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What our customers say

Killowen Construction

“I was able to go on vacation to Egypt solely because we found a perfect accounting hire on JOBEO in less than 24 hours.”

Job seeker

“I loved being able to meet my employer BEFORE applying. I could tell if our personalities would be a match and was more comfortable in my JOBEO application.”

Alo Yoga CHRO

“We needed 10 customer service reps– and fast! Normally it takes several weeks to screen and process the 500+ applicants through the job boards we advertise on. JOBEO quickly brought us a shortlist of video applications and we made awesome hires in days– not weeks! The candidates loved the experience!”

Charly HR Director

“JOBEO brought us a very technical hire very quickly. Technical resumes and applications often look alike, but we were able to meet the people behind the paper. During the first onsite interview we were already comfortable enough to make an offer.”

Our Clients


We get it. This is a new approach. You have questions, and we have answers!

I couldn’t find anyone near my area. Why so few profiles? How does it help us hire?

We aren’t a job board– yet. Our database is growing every day, but JOBEO is a simply plugin to your current hiring funnel. Instead of screening paper applications/resumes, just send a mass reply to all your applicants saying “Click this JOBEO video link to meet our team, learn more, and apply if interested!”

Seekers qualify themselves without phones screens, emails, and scheduling. You get video applications from legit candidates.

What about bias?

Only your team can prevent bias. No matter what tools are used, bias can play a role. Further, we think JOBEO is actually a tool to put diversity and inclusivity at the top of your priority list! Video is faster and efficient, and JOBEO gives a 360 degree view of applicants instead of limiting them to a list of keywords, credentials, and possibly fabricated experience.

How does JOBEO help us meet diversity and inclusivity goals? (DEI)

Personality, backgrounds, and culture are difficult to communicate on a piece of paper. JOBEO lets applicants see employer culture before wasting time applying, and then they efficiently share ideas and tell their story in the first step. Employers can quickly identify those that help them meet their DEI goals and fit their corporate culture.

I don’t see a lot of jobs around me. How can it help me get a job?

We are adding more jobs every day, but you can set your skill tags for now, and automatically get notified when a new video listing appears with a matching tag.

You can also share your JOBEO profile with friends and social networks to get gig-work or simply let them know your a looking for a new opportunity. Having that conversation is exhausting. Your free video link tells your story and makes it easy for others to pass it along without the pressure.

I’m an introvert. Is this for me?

Yes! Being an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t have a story to tell! Employers need to meet you and evaluate your soft skills, because they mean just as much, if not more, than your hard skills. Your potential boss might be an introvert as well, but everyone still needs to work and play well with others… especially remotely using video tools. You’ll do great!

Is it really FREE for job seekers?

YES! We never ask you for a payment or CC number. Create your profile today and get hired!

Video resumes

Your life is your resume! Share your story and get noticed with video

Create your personalized profile, tag it, share it, and connect with your audience like never before!

Video should go both ways. Every JOBEO listing has a video preview introducing the company and team. Recruiters can’t invite you to apply without one. No more wasted time on vague job descriptions!

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