Feb 5th: Veterans Virtual Job Fair. Search, meet, and hire 24/7

Put your job ‘on-demand’. Get video applications. No booths, Zooms, or online chats. FREE. No CC req’d.

What you get:

One FREE job listing all the time

Unlimited views and video applications

Jobs listings stream 24/7

FREE video careers webpage on JOBEO

Integrate easily to any ATS

Upcoming Job Fairs:

We always have jobs, but there’s a special focus on:

January 20th – Startups Only Job Fair

February 5th – Veterans Job Fair

February 22nd – DEI Job Fair

March 8th – Freelance/Fractional

“Live” virtual job fairs don’t work

“Real-time” communication seems great, but it’s clunky and confusing. JOBEO doesn’t have booths to babysit, painful online chats, or waiting rooms filled with competition.

We conveniently stream video from the cloud 24/7. Employers meet candidates, and seekers learn about the jobs. Apply anytime!

Your New Recruiting Department

JOBEO lets people virtually meet conveniently and safely. Features like DMs, bookmarks, and skill tags make it fun and efficient for reduced workload.

Hiring managers can take control of recruiting efforts with a *mobile device. No more stacks of paper from unqualified applicants.

*desktop version available, too!

time Slots prevent Attendance

Just because an event is “virtual” doesn’t mean everyone can make it at a specific time. It should be open all the time!

JOBEO is always streaming jobs. The BEST job seekers can submit video applications 24/7.

No More Exhaustion

Job fairs (online or in-person) take a LOT of time and energy. Keep your team focused and in the office… not on recruiting trips.

With JOBEO job fairs, hiring managers record their pitch, and then upload it to JOBEO. It’s available to watch using any device, and at any time.

STEP 1: Register FREE on the JOBEO app or website.

STEP 2: Create your job listings. Tag them with ‘VETERAN’. First one FREE. No CC req’d.

STEP 3: Wait for video applications to roll in! Let jobs stream on-demand as long as you want.