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I can’t hear you!

“Live” virtual job fairs don’t work

“Real-time” communication seems great, but it’s clunky. Seekers want info, and employers want to meet as many people as they can.

JOBEO job fairs are “on-demand”and always streaming from the cloud. Employers meet candidates, and seekers learn about the jobs. “Live” one-on-one is not needed.

Too much going on

Exhausting for Recruiters, Labor intense

Teams spend countless hours preparing and get pulled in all directions once the job fair starts. The cost and stress often outweigh the benefits.

With JOBEO job fairs, hiring managers record what they say a hundred times to candidates, then upload it to JOBEO. It’s available to watch by job seekers “on-demand”, using any device, and at any time.

Time slots shouldn’t be a factor

time Slots prevent Attendance

Just because it’s “virtual” doesn’t mean everyone can make it. Great candidates often have jobs or other things preventing them from logging on at a specific time.

JOBEO job fairs are always on and always available. Employers get video applications from legit candidates 24 hours a day.

Meet EVERY person that wants a chance

JOBEO virtual job fairs let you ask up to two qualifying questions. Every application is personalized for your open role. They’re conveniently reviewed on a mobile device or desktop.

Does your organization want a reliable virtual job fair?

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