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Any job board. Any careers page.

No more screening applications and emails!

Share your JOBEO Link

Your JOBEO listing has a unique link that’s viewable by anyone. Send it to all those job board applicants or replace your careers page APPLY button.

Candidates Self-Qualify

They watch your JOBEO listing and won’t waste time applying if not legitimately interested. This reduces candidates up to 80%, increases QUALITY, and makes you more efficient.

video resumes

You get Video applications

Every application is personalized and includes video answers to your qualifying questions (if desired). They’re conveniently reviewed on your mobile device or desktop with a single tap. Instantly collaborate with your team or DM the candidate with follow-up questions.

Filter Fast. Interview less.

Identify the best candidates with higher confidence. Hiring managers get involved sooner and interview fewer applicants. This means faster hires and happier teams.

Plugin JOBEO with any recruiting process
60 seconds: Screening piles of text applications to get video resumes.